New Friend

Hey guys! How’s your week going so far?

Today was a good day, considering it’s a Monday. I made a new friend (: are you proud of me? Making friends is a really big deal for me. I’m super shy and mostly keep to myself. It takes a lot just to speak up in class. This girl is really nice and smart! Which is useful because sometimes I get lost in class and she helps me out.

After class today she asked if I was free to have lunch and I said yea. I already had lunch, but I was free so I sat and talked to her for over an hour. It was fun because I’ve never done that before. I know it sounds stupid, but usually I only meet up with my friend from middle school for lunch and it’s usually planned ahead of time. This was a spontaneous thing, which I thought was cool. I feel like an adult ha ha.

Well this was a random post, sorry about that. See ya later!



High School Students vs College Students

Ok, so there are many stereotypes regarding high school kids and college students. This post is basically my opinion on both high school kids and college students and since I’m technically both I think my opinion will be unbiased ha ha.

One thing I noticed right away during my first semester of college was that college students are so much nicer than high school kids. When I was at the high school building in ninth grade everyone had their ‘cliques’. During ninth grade the cliques were pretty open to different people, but when we started college these cliques became so tight that it’s almost impossible to even say hi to them. Think I’m exaggerating? I swear on the river Styx I’m not.  On the other hand, college people are mostly open to new people and if you befriend someone, they are likely to say hi when you see them between classes. I have a perfect example which I shall block quote:

The other day I was walking near the space ship building where most anthropology/sociology classes are held. I’ve taken two or three classes there. As I walked past one of the doorways I see a girl that I studied with briefly before an exam last semester. We probably only spoke a few times so I didn’t expect her to remember me. However as soon as that thought crossed my mind she looked up and saw me. Immediately her face transformed from a dull expression to a huge smile as she waved enthusiastically. I waved and smiled back, I was going to ask how she was but it looked like she was late for class so I didn’t. Five minutes later I see a fellow high school student that I had three classes with in ninth grade. I was walking towards his direction because he was near the building I wanted to go in. As soon as he saw me he looked down and walked around me avoiding eye contact. I’m pretty sure I smiled….

I understand that not all high school students are unfriendly or all college students are nice. Trust me, I’ve had my share of rude college students, but for the most part I think that college students are far more friendly than the people that go to my high school. What do you think?


Como se dice……I HATE SPANISH

Well hate is a strong word, so I strongly DISLIKE my Spanish class and teacher. I mentioned that this semester that I am taking Intermediate Spanish 1 and so far the class is hard and the teacher uses her teaching time to either

  1. Tell us how she likes to abide by rules
  2. Speak a thousand words a second in Spanish
  3. Yell at us for ‘thinking in English’
  4.  Confuse the heck out of me

Now I have an embarrassing confession. I’m Puerto Rican and Spanish was my first language, however, throughout the years I managed to forget it. So now I’m stuck in a class with a no good teacher trying to decipher what’s going on. Tomorrow is my first test in that class, so naturally I studied today. Both of my parents speak Spanish so I asked them to help me understand how to phrase sentences and stuff. Then I started asking how and when to use preterite and imperfect. They were as lost as I was, so we had to Google it and I found this amazing website that helped me understand everything. I learned more in the 20 minutes I was on that website than in class for the past three weeks. So now, I’m pretty confident about the test. There are still some things that I’m unsure about, but I understand enough so I can ask the instructor before class tomorrow.

On the other hand, picture day is tomorrow. In fact, all Juniors have to arrive at the high school building before my Spanish test. I might end up taking my picture with the Spanish book in my hands lol.

How was your day?


Spiders Take Over

I absolutely hate spiders. Honestly, I would rather take on a snake than a spider. Let me explain this seemingly random topic. Over the summer the campus has been overrun by spiders and not just any spiders- these are ginormous banana spiders! There are two trees over a sidewalk that is like Spider Capitol. Every time I walk through I’m scared that one is going to fall on my head. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. I hate it. Someone help me.


Back to School

Hey guys!

The first two weeks of school were crazy! It seems like every semester more and more people crowd the halls, making it impossible to walk. It’s hard to believe that this university use to be a community college. So far school is great, my classes are good. Spanish is kind of boring because the instructor doesn’t like to teach, she just barks orders in Spanish which the class responds to with blank stares. My favorite class so far is US History, which is surprising cause I thought my anthropology class would’ve been more interesting.

I want to try something different with this post. Usually, I just talk about classes and professors, but today I want to talk about campus life. I think it’ll be a good change 😛

On campus their is an outside ‘hallway’ called the Breezeway. It basically connects the food court, Starbucks, the library, and some main buildings all together. During the first two weeks of school, the Breezeway is full of people trying to recruit you into sororities, fraternities, clubs, etc. It’s really annoying because people walk SUPER slow past the tables because they want to see everything without stopping. Anywho, as I was walking through the Breezeway Wednesday I started to study the people at the tables and this is some of the things I found:

1) One of the tables had a group of sorority girls who looked as if they had just came out of a college movie. They all had long blonde hair, wore makeup, bright white smiles, and lots of pink clothes. They smiled at every girl that passed by and try to talk to anyone who slowed down by their table. FUN FACT: Later on in the day I saw the same girls in the food court except they weren’t as smiley and were gossiping
2) There was a table with a guy who had a handlebar mustache. He was trying to recruit people to join the archery club. He had a HUGE bow on the table and a display of a target with three arrows in the middle.
3) Another thing I noticed is how diverse this campus is. There are so many cultures, religions, styles, and personalities all around. As a teenage girl the first thing I notice are clothes (of course). People on campus are wearing all black outfits to dresses to business attire to crop tops and short shorts. Its crazy to see such a mish mash of style, but really cool at the same time.

Well that’s all for now. Till next time,


Fall Semester!

It’s almost time again! August 26th is the first day of fall semester and, since I’m a huge nerd, I am soooooooo excited. I think I have finally figured out what I want to major in. Since it comes naturally to me and I enjoy taking classes about it, I am planning on majoring in anthropology. Yes, I know that it is extremely risky to major in that field, but I feel like it’s the best option for me. However, I am planning on experimenting with other fields like criminology just in case 😝

So this semester I am taking 5 classes, one of which has a discussion part.

  1. Intermediate Spanish
  2. The Maya and their Neighbors
  3. US History to 1877 w/ discussion
  4. Pre-Calculus
  5. Art Appreciation
Honestly, I cannot wait to get started! Especially now that my parents got me a Dell tablet for my 16th birthday 😄 Now I don’t have to rush to the library or computer lab because my phone can’t pull up information. It also has Microsoft Office which is super cool. I’m so happy, haha. What’s also great is that it has a WordPress app so you’ll be hearing from me more often 😁
Have a good rest of the summer!
Ana ❤
Walking Zombie

Walking Zombie

Last week was…well lets just say I’m still recovering and just happy that it’s over. I was studying for hours straight, barely slept and if I slept I dreamed of monkeys and numbers and photosynthesis so I wasn’t rested. I … Continue reading

Spring Semester(:

Well, I’ve been extremely inconsistent with this blog and would like to thank everyone who’s still following me(: I’m going to try to update on a weekly or bimonthly basis from now on…wish me luck!!
Ok, so spring semester is here and halfway gone. So far so good, my grades don’t suck, I like most of my classes, and I’m making friends!!! This semester I am taking:
-Biological Principles (lecture,lab,and discussion)
-Intro to Bio Anthropology (lecture and lab)
-Trigonometry (just lecture)
-Intro Chemistry (just lecture)
-Sociological Perspectives (just lecture)

Since I last posted I have gone on winter break, started this semester, and now I’m on spring break. Woohoo! Right? Wrong, I have soooooooooo much studying to do it’s unbelievable! In fact I should be studying right now, but it can wait(:Next week I have three exams, a presentation, and a quiz. The presentation isn’t that big of the deal, but the person in charge of putting it together dropped out of the class and my other group member is irresponsible so I have to complete by myself…oh well. I’m more concerned about the three exams. Tuesday I have the Bio Principles Exam, Thursday I have the Bio Antropology Exam, and Friday I have a trig exam.

These past few days I have been concentrating on my Bio Anthropology exam because although it only covers two chapters, there is a butt load of content I need to know. The worst part is that this professor doesn’t believe in multiple choice! The chapters cover primates and primatology. I have to memorize the order, sub-order, superfamily, family, and some species of all primates. I also have to know what characteristics apply to each of these things. For example, primates in the infraorder/suborder platyrhinni or platyrhinne have flat noses, unlike those in the infraorder catarhinni or catarrhines, which have downward facing noses (humans are in this category). Then on top of that, we need to know the ecology, sociology, and more about these primates.

I really should focus on my Bio Principles exam though because there are lots of processes involved in the chapters we went over. I really want to do well on this exam because he said that it’s going to be hard. I should focus on Trig too because we can’t use the unit circle paper he gave us, on the test 😦

Well that’s all for now! I’m going to eat now and continue studying. Thanks for reading!


Finals Week :0

This entry is going to be really short , sorry!

In case the title didn’t give it away, this week is exam week. Luckily for me I already took most of my exams. I just took my anthropology exam online and got an 87%, which is good I guess. Tomorrow I have a pyschology exam that starts at 7:45 am and I’m super nervous because I have a C in that class. This exam will either make me or break me. My last exam is Wednesdsay at 1:15 and it should be easy!

I also know my schedule for next semester. I just need to make sure that my guidance conselour approves it.

Exciting, but scary. I got to go study guys! Have a great week and good luck to anybody that has exams!!!



Wow, I haven’t updated this blog for weeks! Everything is crazy right now because it’s the end of the semester. Anywho, the show must go on!

So last time I posted I told you guys how my engineering group found out about my age. Well they’re treating me the same, except for the occasional teasing. On Halloween, one of my group members, I think I named him the funny one, teased me because I was going to go trick or treating. Hey, it’s free candy!!! But yeah, when it comes to them, life is uneventful.

So November is a high stress month! I have a paper due at the end of the month, lots of tests, and I have to start studying for my finals. I got one down yesterday and today I completed three journal articles for pyschology. It took me the entire day! I needed to finish before five because that’s when the deadline was set. I has a mini heart attack because I thought I did the wrong article! I emailed the coordinator asking if she can reject it and open up another spot, but she said that they accepted that journal. Phew.

I think thats it when it comes to school, but guess what? I dyed my hair red again! I love it so much(:

Ok I promise I’ll update more often for those of you who actually like to read this ❤